A Couch Potato’s Guide To Self Defense and Other Stories

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“For great aims we must dare great things” -Clausewitz

Hey Guys,

Been getting quite a few questions about dealing with edged tools like knives:

*** Hello Tim,

As a guy who wanted to aim for being a well rounded fighter I try to train and possess skills like in the fire arm, knife and hand to hand.

But when it comes to a knife it seems to be such a frightening subject that I think I am fortunate enough not to have encountered a real knife. I try taking some Filipino knife disarming lessons but I find it contradicting to their knife retention techniques. My question sir is, just how can you eliminate a threat with a knife? That is always a puzzle in my mind. Thanks…

By the way this years Hong Kong seminar too bad I cant join hope next year you have the same seminar held in Hong Kong.

Frederick Taiwan/ Philippines



Sorry I missed you in Hong Kong. Hope you can join us there next time. I cover this material in depth with our most recent package “Surviving the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life”. That provides the most up to date methods we teach on the subject.

Briefly the problem is not the knife but the man holding the knife. Training yourself to recognize that what makes any man dangerous is his active brain. This is tantamount in freeing you from the belief that any tool (knife, club, and/or firearm) in and of itself is the threat.

We just finished a live training in Dallas where the new methods we employed to teach these principles resulted in the class almost ‘teaching’ themselves what to do in any violent situation. My instructor and I were astonished at how LITTLE guidance new clients need once they OWN that critical info. Sadly most people blow off the need to really educate themselves; instead they search for ‘cool techniques’. But as we always say ‘Principles save your life, techniques get you killed’.

*** Here’s a question about crowds and comments on the fact TFT isn’t for the big, fast and strong!

Tim, Just started watching the “5 most critical seconds of your life” and WOW! What an assortment of life saving information is jam- packed into the DVD series. I also have the Nuclear Weapons and Joint Breaking series and this completes the package.

When I first found TFT on the internet I was like everyone else and said sure……LOOK at Tim Larkin with his 20 inch biceps and he could take out most people with a stare…….but when you see Torin and Chris (TFT Master Instructors) and some of the other average normal guys performing TFT on you it gives a boost of confidence. Thanks for the opportunity to ask some questions: 1. Have you got any real life examples of TFT saving innocent lives on the street? I have seen the video where Chris talks about his own wife using it but would like to hear other stories. 2. I remember reading on your web site that you had a training class in New York the weekend before 9/11………I hope none of your students or instructors were aboard any of the planes but hypothetically, would you have advised anyone doing anything in a situation like that( possible bomb aboard, etc) when normal protocol is to hijack, land the plane and request demands. In the same line of thinking, I know to use TFT to protect myself on the street but it may be tough to act in say a crowded bank or a convenience store during a robbery where bystanders could be hurt if you attempt to use TFT to disable the sociopath. Just wondering what your advice would be in situations like this? Looking forward to your response and to watching the rest of the “5 most critical seconds of your life”. Jimmy


Jimmy by now most of your questions should be answered since the ‘Surviving The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life’ handles all of the above listed concerns. ‘Social versus Asocial Violence’ will be a good one to review periodically in that package. The instructors and I share numerous stories in the series of how TFT was used by clients (guns being pulled on them, knives, home invasions, armed robberies). Many of those situations involved innocent people that the client had to take into account. The answers are not always what one like to hear but you get nothing but the unvarnished truth from TFT.

As for the seminar I did right before 9/11 I was fortunate not to have lost any clients but my clients did lose friends and associates. I have a great base of clients in NYC and it’s amazing how resilient New Yorkers are to such challenges.

I’m glad you mentioned the fact that my instructor staff covers the spectrum of body types. There is a huge misconception out there that the tool of violence is only available to you if you are big, fast, and strong. I’m in outstanding physical condition because it’s a lifestyle choice but it has nothing to do with whether I can successfully use the tool of violence. In the past 20 years I trained 1000’s of people all shapes and sizes and those that had to use the training had one thing in common … INTENT. If you couple that with the excellent targeting and methods TFT provides and you have a devastating ability to get the most out of the tool of violence.

*** Here’s a question about multiple attackers:

Hello Mr. Larkin,

I purchased your “NUCLEAR WEAPONS PACKAGE” over a year ago to fill the gaps in my Martial arts skills and was very impressed since I wasn’t able to go to live seminars.

Anyway to get to the point, I noticed a few times in the videos that after striking targets and all that looking around for other attackers is necessary so my “stupid” question is what would you NOT recommend doing, before, during and after in order to efficiently remain in “Cause State” in multiples.

I ask because I have a bad habit of attracting a half dozen + attackers often, so I get the jump on them 1st, that’s the reason why I try to keep a very low profile when going out and why I bought the tapes.

Have you ever had this problem?

Thank you for your answer to real violence and I hope I never have to use TFT again in the real world, no offense.

Sincerely TFT Video Student, James


James, the ‘Social VS Asocial’ lecture we do on the free ‘TFT Sample DVD’ is critical for you. Please go to the Website and get your free copy. As for multiple attackers we will release a product specifically dealing with that often asked for subject in the near future.

Until then your best bet is the ‘Surviving The Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life’ Seminar Series; where this and most every other subject on using violence as a survival tool is covered.

Injury, penetration, and rotation are key elements in all effective uses of the tool of violence and that goes double for multi-man situations. I’ve written on these subjects in other newsletters and please review them for more specifics.


As always great questions, please keep them coming and I hope everyone stays safe and lives a violence free life!

Until next time,

Tim Larkin[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Tim Larkin

Self-Protection Expert & Founder of Target Focus Training
Author of When Violence Is The Answer

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