Multiple attackers self defense presents a number of unique problems that you must address in order to survive and win. Our friend, Will, for example:

The five guys in the car made it clear to Will that they wanted to do more than just “kick his ass.” He knew that if everyone got a piece of him, there might not be anything left when they were done.

tim-larkin-multiple-attackers-self-defenseWhen someone wants to make easy work of tearing you apart, they bring friends. Being outnumbered in a self defense situation is the second-best way for the attackers to make up for a lack of strength, skill or nerve. Even if they’re not sure what to do they can weigh you down with sheer numbers… And there’s always that spare guy who can figure out how to kick you in the head once you’re down.


Each of the attackers has only one thing to worry about — YOU. You, on the other hand, have multiple people to pay attention to and deal with. Being outnumbered is less of an issue of bodies than it is of splitting your attention while they don’t have to.


If you hurt one of them, great — but as you do that, you’ve got several other attackers punching or dive-tackling you. If we assume that everyone’s going to be attacking at the same time (and you should), then your one shot will be answered by one from each of the rest of them.


If you had eyes in the back of your head and a third arm between your shoulder blades, then you wouldn’t have to worry about who’s behind you. (A prehensile tail would be nice too, but I digress.) Of course, the reality is that attacking you from behind is the best way to get to it. Especially if you’re busy with the guy right in front of you.

The goal of any multiple attackers self defens would be to handle these issues in a simple and unified fashion.

What about Will? We’ll get back to him in the second installment. Hopefully he’s still in one piece…


Tim Larkin

Self-Protection Expert & Founder of Target Focus Training
Author of When Violence Is The Answer

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