[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In our DVD products and at live self defense training sessions we make a big deal of the fact that most of what is taught about punching or kicking won’t do squat for you in a real street confrontation.

You’re far more likely to just piss off some thug until you learn that every punch or kick must cause an injury!
TFT Striking self defense DVD
That’s why you’ll see we use the term ‘Striking’ far more often than either punching or kicking. In fact, we created an entire Striking DVD series around the concept.

Now, along with me, the other guy you see doing a lot of the TFT writing, especially for our manuals, is my top Master Instructor, Chris Ranck-Buhr.

Well, few people ever see it, but at the bottom of the very last, unnumbered, blank page of the Striking series Manual in 6-point type so small you need a friggin’ magnifying glass just to read it, Chris managed to sneak in one of his pithy notes.

This one summarizes, in graphic detail, exactly what needs to happen each and every time you punch or kick.

To succeed in some unexpected & unavoidable physical confrontation you must ask yourself, “Is this what happens every time I strike someone?”


You swing the mallet with Calvin-like malice, as hard as you can. The mallet hits the ball under your foot and stops moving. The lucky red ball, however, zips away like a bat out of hell, over the fence and across the street, shattering the neighbor’s window and knocking a space heater into the curtains, setting the house on fire.

This is what you want out of striking, every time.

(By the way, since you may be reading this from a land far away and not understand, the “Calvin” he refers to is the kid from the famous comic strip of that name).

You’ll see more of Chris’ original thinking on this blog soon.

That’s all for now,


Tim Larkin

Self-Protection Expert & Founder of Target Focus Training
Author of When Violence Is The Answer

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